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Weekly Quiz
These quizzes are just for fun I will keep a list of the ammount of points that a member gets,
then total them up at the end of the month. Then the winner for that month will be declared
All you need to do is paste and copy the quiz to an email - Putting your answer below the Questions
2 Points for a correct answer Score will be totalled up at the end of each week
If you have problems copying these questions to email, please message me your answers on facebook

Scores for this quiz will be totalled up the week Ending `20th August 2017

1. What is the most populated city in the USA named after a general?
A Houston - General Sam Houston

2. The Inverted Jenny, Hawaiian Missionaries and The Three Skilling Yellow are all examples of what?
A Postage Stamps - Rare and some of the most expensive stamps in the world

3. President George Bush caused a bit of a flap on March 18, 1990 when he banned what from Air Force One?
A Broccoli

4.  Which London born actor has hosted the Academy Awards a record 18 times?
A Bob Hope

5. John 'the cat' Robie was the debonair central character in which popular film?
A To Catch A Thief

6.  What did Elvis never give at a concert?
A An encore

7. In which country is the 'Chrysanthemum Throne'?
A Japan

8. What is the defining characteristic of someone who suffers from Hypertrichosis?
A Lots Of Hair Everywhere

9. Which so called profession made Matthew Hopkins famous and infamous in 17th century England?
A Witch Hunter

10. Name this late 1950s song and artist from this anagram:"A Rechecked Theme Films To A Tomahawked Moose Yet Nutty Woo Feathers"
A Emile Ford & The Checkmates - What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For 1959

Good Luck

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