1 Anyone Found Using Racist Slurs In The Chat Will Be Permanently Banned. - No Racism Of Any Kind Will Be Tolerated On Crystal Radio.

2 The DJ as the discretion on what songs can be played. If a song is played and found not to be suitable it will be removed - The DJs cannot be expected to know all the lyrics to the thousands of song files they have - as with all the other Guidelines the Owners decision is Final

3 We Have A Happy Site Friendly, We Intend To Keep It That Way, No Drama Please

5 Please Always Keep In Mind And Be Aware When Posting In The Chat That It May Be Viewed By Teens. Also please be aware that people can be who they want you to believe they are on the internet.

6 Use of the chatroom is at your own risk. Your use of the chatroom constitutes an agreement that you will not hold Crystal Radio or its DJs liable for anything said or done in the service to anyone at anytime, even when chatting is in progress

7 On Crystal Radio we reserve the right to ban anyone from using the chatroom at any time and for any reason they deem necessary to include, but not limited to: Disrespect Of Others, Using Profanities - Bad Laguage - Causing A Disturbance - Or Purposely Annoying Others While in the Chatroom.

8. The Owners decision is Final in any dispute 

Any problems you have please e-mail Linda at